Meet Juju

Hi y’all!
My name is Juliet but I got the nickname Juju from my friend Amber when we were trying out easier names for her then-toddler son to pronounce. Since then, I’ve become Aunt Juju and Ms. Juju to my friends’ and neighbors’ kiddos.

I was introduced to the world of baking at a very young age when my maternal side of the family gathered together at my grandparents’ for a multi-generational “Holiday Cookie Bake Day.” We lined up multiple stand mixers, had several designated stations set up, and my grandmother would buy flour and sugars in bulk.
We. Were. Legit.
Well, except for Grandpa – he was reassigned to official “Cookie Taster” when he mistook salt for sugar.

Since then, I have explored different areas of baking and found my love in baking cakes. Cakes are celebratory, they bring delight. I enjoy seeing friends’ and family’s faces light up when they are presented with a cake. Baking cakes also satisfies my analytical and creative sides.

How did I end up baking cakes? I did the traditional track: college, work, MBA, work…get laid off. Then the pandemic started. During that time, I realized I lost some of the joy in my life. I was not baking (nor eating) as much cake as I used to. At my friends’ encouragement (and nudging), I decided a little more sugar in my life is what was in order. And Juju Bakes was conceived.